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Friday, July 10, 2009

The Empty(ing) Nest 

This is turning into a summer of travel for some of us here at 5 and A Beagle.

This young lady headed out just over two weeks ago on quite the adventure with her school choir.
They participated in the Estonian Festival of Song and Dance at the beginning of the month and have since headed south to various spots of interest as they make their way to Frankfurt and, ultimately, home.

Someone is missing her.

Our next wanderer will be this wee lass.
She will be leaving us on Sunday. First stop Paris, then on to the Emerald Isle - County Mayo, Ireland until the end of the month.

Someone is sure to be missing her, too.

And last but not least,
this young man will be taking to the road with 4 of his long-time friends as they explore this vast country of ours over the next 8 months - Canada from coast to coast.

And guess who will be missing him?

Do those look like sad, puppy dog eyes?

You don't want to see mine!



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