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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Push, Pull, Stretch, Expand, Contract 

Push, pull, stretch, expand, contract. It may seem like I’m describing a session of blocking with some newly completed knitted creation, but no, those were the instructions given to me by a physiotherapist.

It would seem that on the eve of my birthday a few weeks ago, I’d suddenly gone past my “best before date”. Or possibly it was due to my having dangled from that precipice by just my left arm, more likely it was something having been aggravated from shoveling more snow in a two week span than I had in a decade or two.

Whatever the cause, I ended up with calcium deposits on the left shoulder and acute bursitis. My doctor suggested either a shot of cortisone or painkillers to help ride out what would likely be a “week or so” of pain. NOT being a fan of needles, I opted for the second option.

In that “week or so” I learned I can become very whiny around my family. I learned that no matter how much you want to knit, IT HURTS! SO STOP! I also learned that it’s no fun not being able to sleep on your side, properly bathe or shampoo, or dress yourself.

But hey, every day did get a little better and now, with the push, pull, stretch of regular physio, I should almost start to feel 48 again.

As soon as knitting didn't hurt anymore, I started on the fingerless gloves with the remaining Peter Rabbit Yarn.

Pattern: Smockies that have yet to be turned right side out and 'smocked'



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