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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Snapshot Saturday 

(unfortunately, the panorama shot doesn't allow for very much clarity when published here, but you just have to click for a clearer picture)

A light snowfall hit the lower mainland a little over a week ago and I took the opportunity to head over to the Vancouver side of Burrard Inlet to get a few pictures of the North Shore mountains. I've used autostitch to join them together to get a panoramic shot.

We're very fortunate in North Vancouver to live at the base of three ski hills. Outside of the shot to the right (east) is Mount Seymour, just right of center is Grouse Mountain and out of the shot on the left is Cypress .

The twin peaks off in the background of this photo are referred to as The Lions or The Two Sisters. The story of the Sisters can be found here.

I've never made the climb, but I understand there is a great hike that starts out from the seaside community of Lions Bay and heads 15km and 1,200 vertical meters upwards. (9.3 miles and 4,200 ft)

A lot of natural beauty right at our doorstep.




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